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Peter's Devils

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Peter's Devils is a community for talking about, fantasising about, writing about, and speculating about actor Peter Wingfield. And if the first part of this paragraph seems vaguely familiar, it's because I borrowed it from highlander_lj.

Community Owners: Pat and Becky - also known as pat_t and beeej

artwork by em_kellesvig

pictures donated by the talented Malika

Everyone is welcome to join us.

Must warn you though. There are rules.

First and foremost - by joining this community, you state that you are an adult and responsible for your own reading choices. Yeah, yeah. I borrowed that too.

Now for the important stuff

No wing flapping

You may talk about how hot Peter makes you, how much you admire the man's work, how his: neck, nose, eyes, hands, ass (and assorted other body parts) make you go all silly and have evil evil thoughts. You may even talk about what you want to do with said body parts.

Now, see. Wasn't that easy? I don't really like rules, you see. Because most people are sensible.

Just remember, we're not Peter's pets because that would make everyone, like, gag.

Yes, your favorite fantasies are welcome.

So is slash.

Peter pics and icons are encouraged.

Any other ideas will come from the members themselves.

Requests to join the community will be monitored. All members may post.

Be respectful of one another. We're devils, not bitches. Well...mostly.

One last thing -- have fun.